Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UnderRated Artists: Amerie

The first time I heard of Amerie, I was seeing her live in concert on the Usher 8701 Tour! She was taking the stage with none other than the legendary lyricist, NAS! I would've never thought her song, "Why don't We Fall In Love?", was going to be my summer anthem! When it comes down to it the girl can sang and I can't think of anyone who has a voice like her's or anyone who is coming out with music like her! She's beautiful! I always mess around and say if I was a lesbian, she'd by girlfriend...but DAMMIT I'm serious! lol... Amerie definitely is a breath of fresh air when it comes to her music! She uses a lot of instruments, so when she performs live, the shit SOUNDS CRAAAZZZZYYYY!!! Just my opinion, she's a bad bitch, her vocal range is crazy!********

Sidenote: Plz don't compare her to Cassie....there is nothing TO compare! Only thing is they're both bi-racial! and I could care less about that!

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

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