Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dru Hill Comeback...

I'm a DIE HARD Dru Hill fan! From the time they came out I've supported them. When Sisqo went solo, I was right there! Even when his second solo cd flopped, I copped it and knew every word on the album! I'm telling you I lovvvveeee them! This is basically how I am with Usher too! You CAN'T deny a good voice or someone who is capable of making GREAT music! Well, I CAN'T! Especially when they've proven themselves and have had great success! Now, Dru Hill is trying to make a comeback in this crazy thing of the music industry with their new cd title, InDRUpendence Day! This is their 4th album together and the new single is entitled, "Love M.D." ! Check out the vid.!

"Feels like my last is motherfuck, first name you!" <---Yessss! I'm totally feeling this song! haha

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

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