Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rihanna is BOMB ASS!

I must admit that Rihanna vocals are getting stronger...Idk if she has a vocal coach or if she's singing in the bathroom hella hard, but she's making some drastic improvement! The girl has it! She's one of the people I look forward to seeing what she's going to do next! Fashion, music, and eventually movies! Rihanna starts her World Tour in Europe in April! Super geeked to see what she has up her sleeve!

New Artist: Jason Little

Jason Little is no stranger to the music industry! He has definitely been here before! Jason started out in a group by the name of Ol' Skool in St. Louis. You may remember them best from the collabo they did with Xscape called, "Am I Dreaming." Listen... group eventually broke up and Jason moved on to do his own thing with his solo career in NYC. Jason has worked with other great artists and producers such as Carl Thomas, Troy Taylor, and Trey Songz! He actually got a chance to tour with Trey and sung backup! That's definitely MAJOR! Now he's working on his new album called, "True Story", so be on the look out! Check out some of the singles called, "Derrrty Text'n" ft. Ebony Eyez (my fav) and "Like Whoa!" Call in to your radio stations and support my dude! Also check him out on and comment on his song "Like Whoa!" You can contact him through twitter at or on myspace at !

Trey Songz gets READY for the BP3 Tour!

Watch as Trey Songz gets ready for the BP3 Tour including Jeezy, Jay-Z, Wale, &J.Cole! Going to be a BOMB ASS tour! Trey talks about this difference of a tour and just a show! The things he may have to change due to the different audience he may have...good shit...

Countdown to Raymond vs. Raymond !

Usher's new album, "Raymond vs. Raymond", is dropping March 30th!!! Can't waiiiiittttt! DADDDYYYY's HOME!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

C-I-A-R-A !

My opinion, this is another bad bish in the game! Yea, we all know she's not the best vocalist, but she has improved. Overall, she's a PHENOMENAL entertainer! As far as dancing though, you can't say she isn't running it! Besides what we think, the bish is getting to the paper! BISH IS PAID! My favorite song of her's is "Oh" ! I'm not going to lie, I miss THAT Ciara, but I like the woman she is turning into. She is more leaner and flexible than ever. I'm pretty sure I would KILL for a body like her's! lol... 

Check her out doing a MJ Tribute and performing "Oh!"

Video of "Oh!"

Peace, Love, Live, Life

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UnderRated Artists: Amerie

The first time I heard of Amerie, I was seeing her live in concert on the Usher 8701 Tour! She was taking the stage with none other than the legendary lyricist, NAS! I would've never thought her song, "Why don't We Fall In Love?", was going to be my summer anthem! When it comes down to it the girl can sang and I can't think of anyone who has a voice like her's or anyone who is coming out with music like her! She's beautiful! I always mess around and say if I was a lesbian, she'd by girlfriend...but DAMMIT I'm serious! lol... Amerie definitely is a breath of fresh air when it comes to her music! She uses a lot of instruments, so when she performs live, the shit SOUNDS CRAAAZZZZYYYY!!! Just my opinion, she's a bad bitch, her vocal range is crazy!********

Sidenote: Plz don't compare her to Cassie....there is nothing TO compare! Only thing is they're both bi-racial! and I could care less about that!

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

Dru Hill Comeback...

I'm a DIE HARD Dru Hill fan! From the time they came out I've supported them. When Sisqo went solo, I was right there! Even when his second solo cd flopped, I copped it and knew every word on the album! I'm telling you I lovvvveeee them! This is basically how I am with Usher too! You CAN'T deny a good voice or someone who is capable of making GREAT music! Well, I CAN'T! Especially when they've proven themselves and have had great success! Now, Dru Hill is trying to make a comeback in this crazy thing of the music industry with their new cd title, InDRUpendence Day! This is their 4th album together and the new single is entitled, "Love M.D." ! Check out the vid.!

"Feels like my last is motherfuck, first name you!" <---Yessss! I'm totally feeling this song! haha

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Willie(Day26) Releases Mixtape on Valentine's Day !

Willie Taylor from Day 26 has dropped his new anticipated mixtape called "Sextape" on today! I've heard some great reviews on it! One of the singles that everyone has been raving about is "Sex Conversation" ! Unfortunately I haven't heard ANY of the mixtape yet but I believe I WON'T be dissapointed! He worked with Troy Taylor and the Songbook family! If you don't know who these guys are, they did ALOT of Trey Songz stuff, some stuff on Sammie's mixtape &EP, which are both hot artists and there music doesn't dissapoint! Judging by some, my bad, ALL of the titles of the songs, I see why he released it on Vday! Definitely seems like some sex will be made off of this! lol...Too bad I won't be getting any! hahaha...Anyways, if you want to check it out for yourself, download it at ! Check out his vid for "Sex Conversation" below!


Yes, ladies there is a version of Say Something that we can fuck with! Nivea & Rasheeda....&I personally think the shit is hot! I've been bumpin it for a couple weeks but now they have a video to it! Some people think it's about the men that's in their life or, more appropriately, were in their life. Of course, We would think it's about The Dream for Nivea! Who knows?! lol... Long as they keep making good music, I could give 2 fucks! Although it does make the story a little juicier if it just so happened to be true! Well check it out for yourself and tell me wutchu think!!!

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sextin' ! Let's Get Down to the Nitty Gritty...

Apparently, leaking nude pics of celebrities is the new thing! In recent news, there was Cassie, Rihanna, Greg Oden, and now Bobby Valentino! For the girls it seems to be the boyfriend's that they are sending their pictures to and for the men it seems to be the "jumpoff" that they're taking the pictures with! In my head, if you don't want  anyone else to see the pictures DON'T TAKE THEM! But of course everyone thinks, "it won't happen to me!" I've been one of those people. I don't knock anyone who wants to take nude pics for their boyfriend, husband, or significant other! Just put some more thought into it before taking the picture! Make sure you can trust that person not to show ANYONE else! Make sure you secure your photos...if you take them in your phone, guard your phone with your life, if you really care about the pics getting out! If they're in your computer put some kind of lock on your pics. Just be more careful if you don't want the world looking at those pics you deem as private! Think on it!

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

Lil' Wayne's Sentence Pushed Back....?!

Lil' Wayne was suppose to start his 1 year sentence on February 9th, 2010! But apparently the judge gave him until March 3rd... There was some talk about him having bad teeth and he needed to go to the dentist! lmao...#wheretheydothatat?! Naw, but forreal... He has to finish off his chain of surgeries he has been having on his teeth! Maybe we can get a "going away" mixtape out of him during this time! 

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

Rihanna-Rude Boy !

So, from the 30 second preview she released this past week I was not hype about this video at all as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the song! As a matter of fact, this was the song that made me stamp her cd as BANANAS! lol! Now that she has release the whole video I think I'll stamp the video as BANANAS too...I like the fact that she has the island feel to it! She's going back to her roots and it's a GREAT look! Check it out for yourself!

My fav line: "Babe if I don't feel it, I ain't fakin' no, nooo!" 
Peace, Love, Live, Life !