Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sextin' ! Let's Get Down to the Nitty Gritty...

Apparently, leaking nude pics of celebrities is the new thing! In recent news, there was Cassie, Rihanna, Greg Oden, and now Bobby Valentino! For the girls it seems to be the boyfriend's that they are sending their pictures to and for the men it seems to be the "jumpoff" that they're taking the pictures with! In my head, if you don't want  anyone else to see the pictures DON'T TAKE THEM! But of course everyone thinks, "it won't happen to me!" I've been one of those people. I don't knock anyone who wants to take nude pics for their boyfriend, husband, or significant other! Just put some more thought into it before taking the picture! Make sure you can trust that person not to show ANYONE else! Make sure you secure your photos...if you take them in your phone, guard your phone with your life, if you really care about the pics getting out! If they're in your computer put some kind of lock on your pics. Just be more careful if you don't want the world looking at those pics you deem as private! Think on it!

Peace, Love, Live, Life !

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